Terms of use

Below are the terms of use that apply to marketplace a-buck and all it related subdomains and or Web sites. This term of service is effective upon acceptance for users who accept it through registration of an a-buck account.


a-buck is a marketplace where buyers and sellers are brought together for trading information.


a. User, the natural or legal person who uses A-buck.

b. Escrow, the process where the buyer pays the agreed price the moment that buyer and seller have confirmed that the contract had been completed.

c. Arbitration, the process where a buyer or seller submits a dispute in a trade agreement for arbitration, an employee of a-buck takes it on as an arbitrator. For the arbitration process applies a cooling off period of max 3 days in which buyer and seller must try to resolve the dispute themselves. The Communication which by using the message service of a-buck has taken place is the only means of communication which is recognized as evidence. A ruling of the arbitrator is binding and can have the effect that the sale is partially, completely cancelled in favor of the buyer.

Buyer protection

Every trade agreement is covered by the use of escrow. See definitions. In the event a seller does not comply with the agreed trade agreement, arbitration can be selected and the arbitratorcan make the trade agreement be entirely or partial lifted and the agreed payment returned entirely or partial to buyer.

Consent to contact you

You agree to receive calls, including, autodialed and or pre-recorded messages relating to your account or your use of our services. One of the reasons could be, to resolve a dispute, or to enforce our terms of use, or otherwise is allowed by applicable law.

Listing conditions

When posting a question, you agree that:

-you are responsible for the accuracy and content of the question
-the question meets the legal requirements for asking a question in your country
-your questions do not represent illegal activities or activate illegal activities
-all communication are done through the messaging service of a-buck

International buying and selling

Our services are responsible for international sellers and buyers. We offer certain programs, tools and experience of the Web site of particular interest to international sellers and buyers, as estimated in local currency conversion. Sellers and buyers are responsible for compliance with all, and rules governing the international sale and answering questions.


The moment that a succesfull trade occurs, a sale. A fee of 10% will be charged against the transaction

How you may not use the Website

It is not allowed to change the content of the website, copy, reproduce and or to make it public. It is not allowed to personal data of users to gather and ask a question or to approach for the provision of own products and or services. It is not allowed to users outside the website to approximate.

On data bank calm the database rights of a-buck. This entails, among other things, that the user is not allowed a substantial part of the contents of the database with questions or answers to questions and reuse and or insubstantial parts of the contents of the database with answers to questions and repeated and systematic reuse within the meaning of the databases act. It is also the user is not allowed to display a hyperlink to another website, unless prior written consent has been obtained from A-Buck

It is not allowed to ask questions on behalf of or on behalf of third parties, unless a-buck opt-in consent (for example, in the case of API partners)

Misuse of the Website and the consequences of this

For your safety and to abuse e-mail addresses are protected by A-Buck. Your response to a question and any subsequent messages between the buyer and the seller are submitted by the A-buck service messages received and sent.

For reporting illegal and infringing questions, offensive content and other problems please use the log in A-Buck-system. So we can together ensure that the site remains as clean and safe as possible.

Complaints about scams can be reported via our Contact form.

If we receive complaints of instructions and/or other users or for other reasons are of the opinion that a particular user is not acting in accordance with the law and these terms and conditions or the Privacy policy or, we can , if we see appropriate , for security reasons and to protect our users, inter alia, the following measures.

A-Buck can also take these measures if you unreasonably makes use of the Web site, such as if your use other users obstructs or interferes with the proper functioning of the Website:

-A-Buck can exclude the services of that user A-Buck or limit certain features for this user. You can think of, for example, suspension of the account of the user, removing ratings.

-A-Buck can in the framework of the above measures to process the personal data of the persons concerned. Where necessary is can A-Buck within the limits of the law, the personal data of the persons concerned by, for example, to the police.

How this works is described in our privacy policy

We make no warranties

We cannot guarantee that our services will meet your expectations. Also we cannot guarantee that the Website functions and error-free or that a continuous and or secure access to the Website or parts of it can be obtained.

All information and numbers on the Website are subject to game-or typographical errors.

Limitation of liability A-Buck

We exclude, to the maximum extent permitted by law, liability for any damage caused by a user

1. Use of the services of A-Buck;
2. it is not safe or not-availability of this Website or parts thereof;
3. incorrect information on the Website;
4. purchase of services by third parties, or use of products purchased via the Website; or
5. changes to the services of A-Buck or changes in or on the Website.

If we are still liable for any reason, then our liability is limited to a maximum of the total compensation that the seller to A-Buck has paid for 6 months prior to the procedure whereby the liability arose.

Changes to the services and the Website

A-Buck can change the Website or parts thereof at any time. We can also modify or terminate our services at any time. We will endeavor to make such amendment or termination to announce within a reasonable period of time before it will take effect.

Complaints procedure

Complaints about the service of A-Buck can you submit through the contact form. Complaint within a reasonable time after you a lack in the service has found to be filed, with a term of 2 months will be in any case in good time. Complaints must be made fully and clearly described. We will strive within 14 days after the filing of the complaint to respond. In case this is not possible, we will provide you within 14 days after the filing of the complaint indicate the term of replying.

Other provisions

A-Buck is located at spaarnestraat 4, 1316 HJ DN, Almere, telephone number + 31 6 45 79 86 06, VAT number NL193558385B03, registered at the Chamber of Commerce under number 59743891. Mr. Rudy Muzo is the sole trader operating the business.

A-Buck can change these terms or parts of it at any time. A-Buck will strive to such a change to announce for entry into force within a reasonable period of time. The changes will take effect within a reasonable period of time after they are announced, or after you after the modification of the Website and or the services of A-Buck has used, depending on what takes place earlier.

If we do not enforce any provision of the terms, then that may not result in a waiver of the right at a later time or to enforce against another user. Agreements which derogate from the provisions in these terms and conditions are only valid if they are confirmed in writing by a-Buck. If one or more provisions of the terms are declared invalid by a Court of competent jurisdiction, this shall be without prejudice to the other provisions of the terms of use.

Notifications to a-Buck may be directed to a-Buck, spaarnestraat 4, 1316 HJ to Almere. Notifications to users will be sent to the specified e-mail address, or by certified mail if light is and an address is available. Notifications done by registered mail will be deemed received 5 (five) working days from the date of dispatch.

A-Buck is at all times entitled to her rights and obligations under the agreements relating to the services of A-Buck to transfer to a related entity. In the case of a transfer, users will be informed about this.